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Reflection: Engage!

April 8, 2014


Imagine yourself standing on the Mount of Olives with the disciples as Jesus ascended into heaven.  Before the two angels could speak, worry and angst borne of uncertainty began to fill your heart and soul as you starred into the sky. Jesus the Messiah, the way, the truth and the life just disappeared out of […]

Reflection: Love without limits

April 1, 2014


Jeff proposed three questions this week to promote good discussion in small groups.

1) When were you the victim in this story?

2) Who was a good Samaritan to you when you were hurt?

3) What can we learn from this and our own story in order to learn to love others well?

I ask you to set thirty […]

Reflection: Do-Nothing Religion

March 26, 2014


Have you ever been hurt by someone in the church? Have you ever been neglected by the church when you are hurting? Many times the hurt is so great from these situations because our expectations are to receive only goodness and blessing from the church community. We expect to receive evil of the world, but […]

Dominican Republic

March 17, 2014


This last January I had the incredible opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic and work with Pastor Alexis Givens and his church.  Missions are something I feel God has placed on my heart for sometime now, but this season of my life has made any trip difficult.  I have 2 small children and am […]

Viaje a República Dominicana


El viaje a Santo Domingo, República Dominicana fue de gran bendición. Dios realmente fue exaltado y glorificado.  El viaje duró una semana (desde el 27 de enero hasta el 3 de febrero), y es parte de la colaboración regular entre Graceway y el Pastor Alexis Givans. Este viaje tuvo como objetivos una conferencia de Discipulado […]

Reflection: Who is my neighbor?


Did the lawyer “Go, and do likewise”?

It is human nature to picture ourselves in a story being told. We commonly insert ourselves into books and movies no matter how realistic or unrealistic it may be. Whether or not it is likely that we would be the hero or the villain, we are almost sure to […]

Scheduled intentionality


This is the time of year that resolutions made in January have merely become good intentions, hopes, dreams or maybe even nightmares. There is so much we want to accomplish each day and it seems like time can be so limited due to our routine commitments. Working, eating, and sleeping take up a large portion […]

Are singles hanging out with God?

March 13, 2014


If you hang around church very much, maybe take the “Experiencing God” class you will hear the following: “I want to find out where God is working and join him.” This is an excellent approach to life. I also think it is a very biblical way to pattern one’s life.

I shared in my last article, […]

Why we gather

March 6, 2014


When you arrive at Graceway on Sunday morning, what has your morning looked like?  Maybe you’ve spent some time with God and focused your heart.  Maybe you’ve done your best to maintain some semblance of sanity while trying to get sleepy children dressed (sort of) and fed.  Maybe you’re just getting off work, maybe you’re […]

Reflection: Responsible risk taker

March 5, 2014


Are you a responsible risk taker? A responsible risk taker is someone who is responsible to God’s will and understands the risk of God’s plan. God’s will is the same for all of us; it is to obey Him and His Word. However, God’s plan is entirely different for all of us. For instance, it […]

Reflection: On loving our neighbor

February 25, 2014


Alice in Wonderland is a masterpiece of nonsense literature. So well told, Lewis Carroll has allowed many readers to join Alice in her adventure from falling down the rabbit hole to her escape from an angry King and Queen of hearts. Its nonsensical nature is appealing and refreshing in a world of harsh realities. There […]

Namkeli Update

February 21, 2014


What’s a Namkeli and why would I be interested in an update? Namkeli is a fictitious name for a very real people who live in a dangerously contentious area of western Africa.  They are a tribal group almost 200,000 strong who have never had a single verse of scripture in their language. Last September Graceway raised approximately […]

Reflection: The Joy of Missional Living

February 18, 2014


Christianity is fundamentally built upon communication. Over the past ten years or so, the way we interact and communicate has drastically changed. The print industry has given way to digital. The majority of newspaper subscriptions are now online and books are increasingly more on mobile devices than on bookshelves. If it were not for Superman, […]

Reflection: Four Questions

February 12, 2014


By: Stephen Ray

Singles and the glass ceiling

February 11, 2014


By: Jeff Cox

Reflection: Going before the face of Jesus

February 4, 2014


By: Stephen Ray

Reflection: What’s your excuse?

January 29, 2014


By: Stephen Ray

Table Time

January 22, 2014


By: John Baxter

Permission to fail


By: Summer Montgomery

Families serving families


By: Reba Chambers