The Graceway Growth Track is designed to help you discover who God made you to be and what God wants you to do. We believe every person has been made by God for a specific purpose and to make a difference in the lives of others; we want to help you find that purpose.

Join us Sunday nights in September at 6:00 pm for Growth Track

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Feel like just an ordinary mom? Far from it, sister! No matter how many kids you have, if you work, stay-at-home, are married or single, MOPS empowers you to link arms with other moms and journey together through motherhood. MOPS groups meet twice per month. You cannot be supermom all the time, which is why MOPS provides childcare for moms through our MOPS Kids (MOPPETS) program.


Baptism is the first step of obedience in following Christ that shows other we have trusted Jesus for our salvation.  We do this by following the example that Jesus gave us when he was baptized on earth.  When a believer is submerged under water, it is a picture of the death and burial of Jesus Christ. When the believer is raised out of the water we picture Jesus’ resurrection from death and his conquering of sin. A Christians baptism is a public declaration of being a follower of Jesus Christ, and being a part of a new family.

“We believe that generosity is something that God wants for us, not from us.”

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Desperate for Community

“I tried to force myself into doing something that wasn’t really me... all out of desperation for community.” For Abbey Fraser, it kept coming back to two simple questions: Where do I belong? Who am [...]

John Baxter: iamgraceway

Leadership, community, and investing in others are all words that characterizes things John Baxter feels passionate about. While growing up in a Christian home, his story really begins in college while attending Liberty University in [...]

Looking Forward

It is important for us to remember where we came from, in order to know where we are, and where God is leading us in the future. It’s no secret that Graceway is in a [...]

We partner and equip families by providing you with tools to engage your child in conversations about what they are learning on Sunday. The Parent Cue card gives parents suggested questions to ask about what your child has learned at church.

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