Thank you for partnering with Graceway to help our people find friends and deepen their relationship both with God and with others. Graceway asks that all Group leaders track two important pieces of information on their groups: current group member list and taking attendance. We will be utilizing Church Community Builder’s platform to help you manage and track attendance for your groups. To access CCB you will need a username and password. Please click the button below to request a username and password.

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Small Group Leader Training

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Group Leader responsibilities

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Although you are welcome to record specifically who attended, we only require a head count. We ask this so that we can effectively evaluate how Graceway is doing with implementing and fostering group growth. “Events” in your group have been setup based off the initial information you submitted when setting up your group. If your meeting days or frequency has changed please notify us so we can make appropriate changes to your group at 

Attendance reminders, will send up to four emails to the Group Leaders, beginning one hour before the event takes place and then daily beginning the day after the event if attendance has not already been recorded.

If you record attendance after the first reminder email is sent out, you will not receive the other three reminder emails.

To record attendance, click the button in the email. If you didn’t meet, you can select ‘Did Not Meet’ right from the email to record that.

The attendance recording interface, accessible through email, is mobile-friendly.


You will land on an attendance entry page, allowing you to mark the attendance of any group member or person on the RSVP list. You can also enter the number of other visitors who attended. If you are on a mobile phone, the attendance marking screen and the visitors count screen will be separate.

The next page will allow you to enter notes.

Once you have submitted the attendance, you will see a summary page with information about the Event.

The link in the email will remain active for two weeks and will allow you to return to the summary page should you wish to do so. As with the initial submission of attendance, you will be prompted to log in to make any changes to the information.

Maintaining your group roster can be accomplished via the “Group Leader” app (download for iOS or Android) or via the Graceway CCB website at

iOS / Android App: When setting up your Group Leader app you will need to put in “Graceway” as the CCBChurch Prefix and click “Set Church.” You will then be promoted for your username and password for CCB (details on this will be emailed to you).

Updating roster via Group Leader app

Adding Members: You can updated your group membership by opening up the “Group Leader” app on your smartphone and clicking on the group that you would like to work with. Then click on Group Members and click either the + sign (iOS) or “add” (android). Then begin typing the name of the person you would like to add and click search. When you have located the person you would like to add, check mark the box across from their name, then click add.

Removing Members: To remove a member from your group, simply swipe left on the “Group Members” page and click “remove.”

Updating roster via CCB website

Adding Members: Login to with your username and password (this will be emailed to you). Upon logging in, you will see a list of the groups that you are connected with on the right hand side of the screen, click the group that you want to manage. Click “participants” tab and then click the “+ new member” button. Then click “People by name” and begin typing the name of the person you would like to add (you can add several people at the same time). Finally click “add now” to add them to your group.

Removing Members: Click the “group actions” button located in the upper right hand corner, and choose edit participant list. Check mark the person(s) you’d like to remove, select “remove from list” in the dropdown and click OK.