A REVEAL is supposed to be the crux of the storyline; the part where we finally find out if what our suspicions told us is true. We find out who that bad guy really is, we find out what’s been going on this whole time, or finally, find out why everyone is gathered together. Our society is obsessed with reveals!

At Winterfest, we want to reveal to our students the greatest information they could ever hear. Why they were created unique, to reveal what that uniqueness was designed for, and to reveal the next steps in walking out in that design.

Along with the teaching, we will have powerful live music, fun games, and lots of time for our students to hang out with friends!

Registration Information

Early Registration 1/1-1/29/18. Cost is $65
Regular Registration 1/30-2/12/18. Cost is $85

Cost includes meals and weekend activities. Students may bring additional money to purchase concessions.

Parent Help Needed

If you are available to host a group of students in your home, or having time to help during a meal, please sign-up at the link to the right.


Date: 2/16/2018 – 2/18/2018

Organizer: Nick Hart
5460 Blue Ridge Cut-Off
Kansas City, MO 64133

Parent Volunteers