What does it say?


David in his old age now appoints Solomon to be king. Solomon inherits David’s detailed organization of the temple. The Levites were responsible for both the civic and religious life of the kingdom and 1Chr 23 reviews that organizational structure.

Not all Levites are priests, but all priests are Levites. David divided up the priests into 24 orders for service in the temple (1Chr 24).

Music was a vital part of temple worship and 1Chr 25 lays out the way David organized the temple worship and lists the names and families of the principal musicians.

What does it mean?


In Romans 15:20 Paul declares that he wants to preach where Christ has not been named so as to not build upon another’s foundation. That statement needs to be taken in the context of evangelization. All of us, including Paul, are indebted to the foundation of others because we are all part of God’s seamless story. Paul lived in the Hebrew Scriptures. The early church built upon and borrowed many Jewish traditions, elders for example. Solomon will build upon the civic and spiritual foundation laid by his father.

The division of responsibility among the priests reminds us of the division of responsibilities in the body of Christ as Paul describes in 1Cor 12 and Rom 12.

1Chr 25:1 clearly establishes that music is a form of ministering the word of God. David and his contemporaries would look with great puzzlement at the folks that stand around the lobby until the praise service is over so they can go in and sit under the ministry of the word. You also need to know Jewish concepts of music are about as far removed as can be from Northern European Christian hymns of a couple of centuries back.

How will I respond?


In a list of people who serve in my congregation, where do I fit? Would I make the list? Or, would I be an afterthought if someone were writing a list of the people who really count? What can I do to make that list of people who make a difference?

Do I understand the ministry aspect of worship and praise music, or am I stuck on my own preferences of music style and genre? What might I be missing and how can I be sure I get all there is to get as the word is ministered in music?