What does it say?


Coming to the end of 1Chronicles, chapter 26 describes David’s organization of the temple treasurers, clerks and magistrates, charged with the gifts and taxes of the people as well as the spoils of war. 1Chr 27 list the army commanders, tribal leaders and the civic and government officials.

1Chr 28-29 forms the transition from David to Solomon. In 1Chr 28 David formally and publically establishes Solomon as his heir and tasks him to build the temple according to the plans God revealed to him. 1Chr 29 continues with David challenging the leaders to give generously for the temple construction, which they willingly do. Solomon is crowned and David’s life is eulogized.

Solomon is the probable author of Psalm 127 and is included among the Psalms of Degrees. The psalm describes the futility of any endeavor that does not flow from God himself.

What does it mean?


Remember that God established Israel as a theocracy, a government that is totally dependent upon God himself. Even as such, structure and organization is essential. We are not under a theocracy today, but as the assembly of believers, structure and organization just as appropriate and needed. 1Cor 12 and Romans 12 provide orientation in this regard.

God’s story and mission are one. Great emphasis is given in the Bible to the transfer of that mission and corresponding responsibility from one generation to another. There is much to learn in the transition of power and mission from David to Solomon.

Though brief, Psalm 127 is wonderful bit of instruction in regard to having God as the foundation in anything that we do. It also teaches us that sleep and children are precious gifts of God.

How will I respond?


Not only should I understand my place and role in the assembly of believers, I should understand my place in history. I may be childless, but I still have the responsibility to be a link in passing on God’s mission to the coming generations. What one thing can I do to contribute to the development of emerging generations? Teach Sunday school, coach, mentor?