What does it say?

David’s friend Hiram of Tyre congratulates David’s son Solomon as he ascends to Israel’s throne (1Ki 5). Hiram becomes a key consultant and supplier for Solomon’s temple and the two nations establish trade and political agreements. Chapter 6 gives an overview of the seven-year construction of the temple in Jerusalem.

2Chr 2-3 covers the same material as 1Kin 5-6 from a different perspective. We remember that the Books of Chronicles (one book in Hebrew) were written for the generation returning from the exile in Babylon.

What does it mean?

Continuing our journey through Kings and Chronicles we must keep the focus on God’s mission that all the families of the earth will be blessed through the promise God made with Abraham. With all the detours, sin and failures, God’s mission continues to establish a center of worship for all the peoples of the earth. Look for this emphasis as we continue.

This passage also reminds us that God is faithful to keep his promises. Not sin or the utter destruction of the temple and deportation of the nation to Babylon can stop God’s mission or keep him from his promises. God will do what he has promised.

Also remember David’s great desire to build the temple, but God intervenes and tells him that his son Solomon will build it instead. David is content to buy the land and do all he can to prepare, knowing that God will provide in his own time and way. In speaking of the great heroes of faith in Hebrews 11, we read that many of them died in faith, not having yet received the promises, but persuaded that God would keep what he had promised. The famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris took 200 years to complete. People labored and sacrificially gave knowing that not even their grandchildren would see the finished promise.

How will I respond?

How does my faith in God’s promises really affect my life? Am I really conscious of how my life affects future generations? What is a promise of God that I may never live to see fulfilled, but of which I am totally persuaded? Right now I will confess to God my faith that he is faithful to do that which he has promised even if I never live to see it.