What does it say?

2Chronicles opens with Solomon and his chiefs in Gibeon where David had established the tabernacle of the congregation. God appears to him and promises to grant him his desire. Solomon asks God for wisdom and knowledge. God answers his prayer and the chapter describes Solomon’s strength and wealth (2Chr 1)

The title of Psalm 72 tells us that this psalm is the prayer of David for his son Solomon as he is established upon the throne of Israel. David prays that his kingdom would be characterized by righteousness, peace and prosperity.

What does it mean?

We have already commented how the opening years of Solomon’s reign especially foreshadow the coming of the Messiah. The parallels are many: son of David, full of wisdom and knowledge and bringer of peace and prosperity. Both of our passages today highlight this opening phase of Solomon’s kingdom.

Today, many see Psalm 72 as a beautiful prophecy of Christ’s Second Coming, and those prophetic elements undoubtedly are there. However, we need to remember that as David penned this psalm he is very definitely thinking of his son. The Hebrew people of David’s day clearly hoped and prayed for the day when the Messiah would come, but they make no distinction between his first and second comings. None of that is understood until Jesus Christ is rejected by his own and promised to return. Looking backward we now see what previous generations could not.

Do not miss the missional aspect of Solomon’s reign. See especially Psalm 72:8-11 and 17-19 that look forward to that day when knowledge of the Lord will fill the earth and passages such as this and Revelation 5:9 become reality.

How will I respond?

For centuries Solomon’s ascent to the throne of Israel has been a symbol of fullness, wisdom, peace and prosperity. He symbolizes the hope we have in Christ. How does my life reflect Christ to others? What about Christ do people see in me? Do they only see him bail me out of my problems (that’s a good and natural thing, too), or do they also see that his righteousness, wisdom, knowledge and peace is growing in me? What one thing can I do today to be a positive reflection of Christ to someone else?