What does it say?


2Sam 22 is virtually identical to Psalm 18 and is a powerful summation of David’s relationship with God. Notice the prominent image of God as the Rock. Perhaps 2Sam 23:1-7 are the last words David penned as poetry (23:1). 2Sam 23:2 is important for insight into the nature of the divine inspiration of scripture. The rest of the chapter gives the record of the 37 men closest to David.

The time when David fled from Saul by hiding in the cave en En-gedi is said to be the occasion of this psalm (Psa 57). It was a dark time of danger, but David’s heart is fixed on God (57:7).


What does it mean?


God is David’s Rock. Rock makes for good foundation, protection and security. Pay attention to the references to the Rock in 2Sam 22. Do you have this type of solid relationship with God? Why or why not?

If you knew that you had but a short time to live, what would be your last words and how would they compare to David’s last words here in 2Sam 23? The personal relationships in David’s life could be as tumultuous as any of ours. To the end of his life David is very aware of the role of others and their importance. If you made a list of the 37 most influential people in your life, who would they be?

When in danger, David fixed his heart on God. Can that be said of you? Do you fixate on the problem, the possible outcomes and consequences, or do you fix your heart on God?


How will I respond?


I will respond creatively to one of the passages in today’s reading. If there is a flaw in my relationship with God, I will start there.

Or, I will make a list of the 37 most influential people in my life. To really respond, I will devise a plan to send a brief thank you note to as many of these 37 as I can over the next few days or weeks.

Or, do I need help in “fear management?” What specific steps will I take in my life to arrive at a faith like David’s with my heart fixed on God?