What does it say?

2Sam 8 lists victories of David over surrounding nations. Even within books of the Bible, not everything is given in chronological order. Some believe that this chapter predates the one before it. For our purposes, we don’t have to labor the exact order as we simply seek to follow flow of the major events and personalities in God’s story. The chapter ends with a brief listing of David’s officials at this time. 1Chr 18 covers the same events.

David’s deep friendship with Jonathan motivates him to seek out any remaining descendants of the house of Saul (2Sam 9). He discovers Mephibosheth, a crippled son of Jonathan, and brings him to live in the king’s household.

What does it mean?

People in biblical times were concerned to keep lists of victories, defeats and other significant moments of history. Today, some keep personal journals. Some churches have historical archives, walls, books or web pages that record history and victories. There are other creative ways to remember the victories that God gives to us and pass them on to our children, grandchildren and others in our sphere of influence – songs, books or files of photographs (we have a family photo wall in our dining room), family traditions at holidays, etc. Today we saw two different records of the same victories, each with a slightly different slant. Yet both served the purposes of the author in remembering. How might we condense thousands of details of victories in our lives into concise histories to pass on, all the while showing that our stories are all connected into God’s one story?

David’s magnanimous acceptance of Mephibosheth into his household is inspiring and shows the value he placed on his friendship with Jonathan. How might we honor our close friends in similar ways, even those who are no longer with us? A friend of mine for years has visited, written notes and encouraged the elderly parents in honor of her high school friends.

How will I respond?

If I were to divide my life into three parts: before coming to faith in Christ, how I came to faith and the transformation I have experienced since coming to faith; what would be the five greatest victories God has given me? How might I celebrate, remember and pass on those victories to those closest to me while showing how these victories are connected to God’s mission?