Graceway’s 2015 Youth Soccer season has just wrapped up. This year we had over two hundred children, many of whom do not attend church here. Our youth sports leagues (both baseball and soccer) are the largest community outreach we have here at Graceway. Each season hundreds of kids join us from around the metro area. The league is able to provide a venue for character development, teamwork, and where new relationships are formed.

Jeremy Schell’s son, Jackson, played soccer for the first time this season. Jeremy loved the community feel of the league. “We have a community that we didn’t before,” he said. “By the end of the season people were inviting each other to their kids’ birthday party.” He also mentioned seeing a coach help console a child from the other team when hurt. “This is when you get to see the Graceway family at work. It wasn’t about my team versus yours at that moment.” he said. Of course, one of the greatest things he enjoyed was watching his son go from knowing nothing about soccer to scoring goals by the end of the season.

All of the coaches, referees, and grounds crew are volunteers from our congregation. They dedicate hours each week to serving both our Graceway families and families from our community. Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who made this season great! A special thank you to Dave and Stephanie Schwirtz, our youth soccer directors. They have spent countless hours this season making sure everything ran smoothly for all involved.

With soccer ending, we will be gearing up for Youth League soon and will be looking for coaches, umpires, and grounds crew. Contact Kellie DeWitt for more information on how you can be involved.