What an exciting year we have experienced together at Graceway!

We came through a lead pastoral transition, the first one in 30 years. It’s an honor to follow Pastor Jeff after his many years of service to this church. It has been a blessing to get to know so many of you and the rich history of Graceway.

God did some amazing things at Graceway in 2017. Below you will see just some of the numbers which include salvation, baptism, and Growth Track. Of course there are things we can’t measure such as the impact of kids and students engaging with God, or people all over the world being impacted by our global partnerships.

We get to do this because of people like you who serve each week in many different capacities of Graceway. Whether you are a greeter, work in SkyKids, or a part of our admin Dream Team; you make all of this possible through your hard work and commitment to using your gifts to reach others for Christ. Thank you.


We love getting to worship with you each week! Our desire is that from the moment you pull into the parking lot, Graceway is a place you feel welcome. Our teams work hard each week to prepare, so that you can have the best possible Sunday experience.

On Easter Sunday, we saw 97 people make statements of salvation. Just two weeks later, we celebrated these people taking the next step of baptism. We are constantly seeing stories of lives transformed and people taking their next step in growing in Christ and making a difference in others.

*number includes recommitments.


We could never have imagined hundreds would show up for Growth Track as we walked through the four steps in August. Hundreds of you showed up the first month as we walked through the four steps. Since then, we have continued to see dozens each Sunday participating in Growth Track, and we are constantly hearing stories of changed lives.

The Growth Track process is designed to help you discover who God made you to be, what God wants you to do in order to reach others for Him. If you’re interested in knowing more, we encourage you to click the link below.


Became members

Compared to number of people who completed growth track

Joined the Dream Team

Compared to number of people who completed growth track

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We had an explosion of small groups as we launched them in fall of 2017. Over 1,000 people participated in a total of 119 groups, 40 of them new. Groups meet in homes, coffee shops, or really, just about anywhere. We encourage you to take a look through the Groups Directory and find a group that’s right for you

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Missionaries supported
Local Partners
Kids in sports leagues

Outreach is at the core of what Graceway is about. We have the privilege of supporting people around the world, in our city, and even right across this street thanks to your generosity.

By reaching out to others, we have an opportunity to make a difference and show them the love of Christ.

Top 10 Facebook posts

As of the third quarter of 2017, Facebook had 2.07 billion monthly active users, which is why we take our presence on Facebook very seriously.

Every time you like, share or comment on a post, you increase the chance that those who follow you on Facebook will see a message from Graceway in their feed. 2017 has been a huge year for our Facebook presence.




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Top 9 Instagram posts

Instagram has doubled its user base to 700 million monthly active users in two years. We are working hard to keep up with this growing medium to bring you content you want to see. Follow us on Instagram for weekly message quotes, some behind-the-scenes shots, and Insta stories.

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2018 looks to be another great year for Graceway. Stories continue to emerge about how our church engages with those who don’t yet know Christ. We are getting ready for another year of Youth League, which brings hundreds of children from around the metropolitan area here for fellowship and a very fun ministry. Dozens are getting connected in small groups each month, and we are preparing for the launch of Ministry School and a Residency Program later this year. God is on the move!

May this year’s telling of God’s story here at Graceway encourage and exhort us as we continue on this journey together. Looking forward to 2018!