What a weekend.

Santa, an adorable pre-show with the kids choir, games and crafts, and who could forget that dancing cuban Grinch?! Graceway’s Drama team put on an amazing production of Dr. Suess’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas. With nearly 2,000 in attendance and a cast and crew of 130 volunteers, this was the largest production we have had thus far.

We want to share some of the comments and stories from our guests, members, and cast.

From our guests:

  • “Thanks Graceway for putting this on for the community”
  • “Wonderful Church and performance!  Thank you for having our family”
  • “You made my son’s night when he got a gift from the Grinch during the production. He showed up terrified of the Grinch, and left with what they said was his favorite gift of the season.”

From a cast member:
I had a pretty bad attitude at first because I didn’t get the part I wanted. I didn’t understand why I didn’t get the “main” part I had wanted. I was acting like a total diva and not wanting to do the play at all. Then, Jenni (the director) gets up and talks about the theme verse for the production, about changing your heart and I was sitting there thinking, God I hear you… I get it! For me, this production was the first one where I felt like part of the drama family. I made real connections with people and felt at home. I don’t think I would have had that feeling had my heart been still stone. So for me I feel like my heart grew three sizes during this production and it’s all because of the words that God put on Jenni’s heart to say. I am very thankful to have been a part of this drama and I am looking forward to next year and to being a bigger part of the drama team!

From a Graceway member and volunteer:
Tonight I was able to greet hundreds of people pouring into our church for our Christmas play. One recognized me from our web page and told me she had just been reading my testimony not long before the show. The other one I was able to stand and chat with for a long time. We talked about churches in general, my church, our testimonies, how God was working in our lives, etc. It was an awesome connection made and I expect to see her visit our church in the near future.