Just a couple of weeks ago, we laid out Graceway’s improved approach to the discipleship process beginning in June this year. Holistic discipleship is one of our core values as we believe that discipleship is a lifelong pursuit of maturing in Christ that impacts every aspect of our lives. Graceway is recommitting itself to our dedication to discipleship and it will take all of us to accomplish this vision.

In the past, someone might mistakenly conclude that they had finished discipleship by finishing the Directions material; however, the Bible clearly shows us that discipleship is a lifelong process of growing in Christ. Societal changes have led to isolation and less authentic relationships. We are surrounded by people in pain: broken families, alcoholism, and suffering. A generation cried out that they, along with solid doctrine, wanted authentic and real relationships. Meanwhile, our church changed too. We began to learn to love well; we became more involved in our community; and through these changes we learned to empathize, not just sympathize, with those around us.

Through the leadership retreat this past summer, one of the initiatives formed was around discipleship. Jim Lee and his team began to work on the disciple making process at Graceway. The plan that our team has developed is as follows: accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and get baptized. These cannot change, they are foundational. Second, attend a six week process group style class on lessons 1-6 of Directions. In this class you will read and study the Directions material at home and then return to the class to discuss what you learned, what effect that has on your life, what needs to change, etc.

The next step is to attend a six week process group looking at your complete life, based out of Ephesians 4:11-16 to examine our entire lives. This is a time to explore those blind spots that are affecting your relationship with God and those around you. What are the areas you may not see just walking through everyday life? What are the things holding you back that you may not realize are sitting there? Through this process, each person will develop an Individual Growth Plan (IGP). Your IGP will be built around your individual needs and desires to grow both in your relationship with Christ and with those around you. How do I do a better job at work? How do I become a better father? After the IGP is created you will spend the year working on the goals you have set with Graceway helping along the way with opportunities for growth. At the end of the year, you will go back to your IGP and see how you have done and then evaluate what needs to come next.

What can you do to prepare for June?
-Do you have a relationship with Jesus Christ? If you want to know more about salvation, stop by the Connections Room on Sunday morning or contact Andy Castro.
-Have you been baptized? Have you taken the first step of obedience to tell this community and the world around you that I will follow Him? If you want to know more, stop by the Connections Room on Sunday morning or contact Andy Castro.
Sign-up to take a ten week Direction course. Our next session starts on April 3rd.
-If you have been through Directions, start facilitator training. To find out more contact Jim Lee.

There have been hundreds of hours poured into creating this new process, but it simply cannot get done without your help. We are needing an army of people ready to participate in our vision for discipleship. Get signed-up today!

For more information watch the sermon as we discuss discipleship at Graceway in 2016 and beyond here.