We want to provide you with an update regarding both our high school and middle school ministries.

You may know that Brian Stuchul currently plays many roles here at Graceway. He is the high school pastor, a member of our Strategic Planning and Action Teams, and oversees all of Family Life; which encompasses SkyKids through high school. As you can imagine, it would be difficult to accomplish all of these tasks at 100% so today we are announcing that Brian will be stepping down from the role as High School Pastor. He will transition into the role as Family Life Pastor focusing on creating new environments and opportunities to help families thrive.

Nick Hart will be transitioning to the role of High School Pastor following camp later this summer. Nick, and his wife Sara, have done an amazing job ministering to our Middle School students, and their families, for the last five years. We know that their passion to reach the next generation will translate into our high school ministry as well.

As of now, we do not have a replacement for Nick’s position. We have begun the search and we will keep you updated on the status of his replacement.

We understand that there may be grieving from students and parents alike, and a change of leadership always brings about questions. Please know that we are doing everything to ensure a smooth transition for both ministries.

We ask that you join us in prayer for the following during this time:

  • Our students and ministry leaders as they navigate this next season.
  • Our search for the new middle school pastor. There is no other Nick Hart out there, but please know that we are committed to finding the best possible person to fill this role.
  • Camp! Our summer camp is coming up quickly and please be praying that God would be preparing the hearts of our students and leaders even now.


Who is replacing Nick?
We do not have a replacement at this time. Graceway leadership has already begun working on a list of candidates to lead middle school ministry and will begin interviewing potential candidates immediately. While our hope is to find a new leader as soon as possible, our top priority is making the best decision for our families and students.

Will the program change?
A transition in leadership always lends an opportunity for programming to be restructured as the leader feels it necessary. At this time, we do not anticipate anything changing; but IF this were to happen, please know that there will be much prayer taken, and notice given to each ministry.

Why isn’t Nick staying in middle school?
Nick has done a very good job as the Middle School Pastor over the last 5 years. Our leadership team felt his personality and gifts would be perfectly suited to build on the foundation that Brian has laid. We are passionate about Nick’s development as a leader and believe that the new opportunities in High School Ministry, along with intentional mentoring will put him in a position to grow exponentially. We are also excited about adding another young leader to our Family Life team.

When will the transition take place?
Both Nick and Brian will both continue their rolls up to summer camp. At camp this year, Nick will assume leadership of the high school ministry. Our sincere desire is to have a leader in place before camp that Nick can begin to hand the ministry off to and who can also take over at summer camp.

Will the other leaders in MS & HS stay the same?
We cannot know what the leaders in either high school or middle school will do regarding their decision to continue serving in their respective ministries. Please know that the response from many of them is positive and they are prayerfully considering what is best for both their families, and the students in the ministry.

How will we be informing our high school and middle school students?
An email was sent to our parents earlier this week to communicate these changes to their students. Middle school will be discussing these changes both in their Wednesday night and Sunday morning programming (MS does not meet Sunday 4/24, but will be discussing the changes the following week). High school ministry will be talking about these things when they meet this Sunday night.