Our first Bible Study Training class this summer was a great success! Last Sunday nearly 100 adults spent an afternoon learning tips and techniques to read and study their Bibles from the perspective of the author and original audience.

Pastor Stephen Ray asked students to fill out a brief survey to help him plan for future classes – 75% of attendees responded. Most enjoyed the Sunday afternoon time slot and are interested in attending future classes in a similar format. They thought the class length was just right and the material was well-presented and helpful. This Sunday’s follow-up class is also full, but it seems safe to say that you will see more classes like this in the near future.

We recognize that there will never be a time that works for everyone to gather in a single place and learn – that’s why we offer Engage. Engage is our online education platform that is open to all that desire to learn. Classes on Bible Books, Missions, History, Leadership, and Theology are taught at a deeper level than we can reach on a typical Sunday morning. Students study at their own pace – some listen to a semester worth of lecture in a single weekend, some follow the traditional weekly format, and still others listen while commuting!

This summer you can take Worldview, History of the Bible, Genesis 1, 1 Kings and 2 Kings – and we’ll offer more classes this fall. Each course is designed to help you reach various growth goals; you can simply listen to lectures or challenge yourself to complete coursework. Be sure to visit our webpage [http://visitgraceway.org/engage] for complete details about summer classes.

Graceway is committed to providing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to learn the Bible. Whether you choose to attend a traditional class and or listen to lectures late at night, your ability to study is limited only by you. Will you use this summer as a growth opportunity?