A few months ago we introduced you to the the seven initiatives that were formed from our leadership retreat in June.  During this retreat, we prayerfully sought God for His direction. We revisited decades of past history in order to gear up for our future together. We learned many lessons and that we have so much to be thankful for. We became excited as we discovered what God could do in the near future. From the retreat, seven initiatives were formed.  You can see what those are and their purpose here.

We told you that you that over the next several months you would not just hear about, but see and feel the impact of what is being done.  Today we are going to update you on some of the exciting things happening with the initiatives.

The communications initiative has revamped the way we communicate to our staff and congregation. We are shifting from informational communication to inspirational.  We are beginning to share stories of overcomings and wins.  Our articles section online has several stories from our staff of how God has worked in their life. The communication team is also in the process of launching a new Graceway website that will be live towards the beginning of next year.   

The organizational clarity team, which primarily focuses on our church staff, has been busy developing an organizational chart, developing a system for performance reviews, and creating employee development plans.

Our Groups Ministry, which includes both small and medium groups, has some exciting things coming in 2016.  We will be introducing medium groups that are designed for you to learn and also to create community.  Our current small groups will be broken down into home groups and study groups. Our Groups article has some additional information.  

Family Fun initiative members have been figuring ways to infuse fun into our Graceway calendar for next year. They have been gathering a list of resources to share with our families and developing a training strategy for the leaders within the Family Life Ministry.

Discipleship has always been and continues to be a core value of Graceway. Sunday you will hear from Jim Lee about the new approach to making disciples.   Our “iamgraceway” series in January will be spent discussing the core values of Graceway, primarily focused on discipleship. Join us on Sunday to hear more about what’s coming up!