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Desperate for Community

“I tried to force myself into doing something that wasn’t really me... all out of desperation for community.” For Abbey Fraser, it kept coming back to two simple questions: Where do I belong? Who am [...]

John Baxter: iamgraceway

Leadership, community, and investing in others are all words that characterizes things John Baxter feels passionate about. While growing up in a Christian home, his story really begins in college while attending Liberty University in [...]

Looking Forward

It is important for us to remember where we came from, in order to know where we are, and where God is leading us in the future. It’s no secret that Graceway is in a [...]

A Grinchy Recap

What a weekend. Santa, an adorable pre-show with the kids choir, games and crafts, and who could forget that dancing cuban Grinch?! Graceway's Drama team put on an amazing production of Dr. Suess' How the Grinch [...]

Inclement Weather Plan

We will always have church on Sunday mornings; however, in the case of severe weather, we may cancel our 9:00 worship service. In the event of this happening, all classes held during or before 9:00 [...]

Four Reasons Emotional Health Matters in the Life of the Christian

written by Pastor Jim Lee There is much confusion about emotional health in the Body of Christ.  What is it?  Why does it matter?  What does the Bible say about this topic? We see emotional [...]

Discipling Through Soccer

Kyle Kumer’s work in his t-shirt shop relies on great designs and making a good impression…literally. As a soccer coach in Graceway’s league, he helps players understand God’s great design and hopes he leaves a [...]

I am Graceway: Shelby DeWitt

Shelby DeWitt’s story begins in high school. A herniated disk in her back pulled her out of sports, something that had been very important in her life. She got into a slump, and began to [...]

Brian Stuchul Story

“From the moment I heard the metal of my car crunching, I knew. I knew that God didn’t make this happen to me, but I knew I had been running from God and this was [...]

Cameron Green Story

The first time Cameron and Kiante Green looked into the face of their newborn baby girl, they knew their lives had changed forever.  They had prayed for her.  They shed tears and pleaded with God to [...]

Preferring Chopsticks to forks

In 2009 we were sitting in Graceway on a Sunday morning listening to a guest speaker talk about his upcoming move to Asia. Having been members of Graceway for many years, we had learned much [...]

A Story from the Mission Field

"M" is a 53-year-old Iraqi man from Mosul, Iraq. For over 1400 years his family knew nothing but Islam. However, thirty years ago "M" heard a voice. The voice said to him, "Do not read the [...]