Article by Stephen Ray

Have you heard the old adage, “There are only two kinds of people in the world: givers and takers”? My mom used to say it all of the time. She knew that I was born into this world a taker, and was teaching me generosity to be a giver. Taking is our nature whereas learning generosity is from our nurture. The life my mother lived reinforced her words. I was about eight years old and I saw a check that my mother had written laying on the kitchen table on top of a tithing envelope. The check was made out to the amount of $180.00, which to me as an eight year old was an enormous sum of money. That image is forever ingrained in my mind and in my heart. Over the years I realized my mother gave much more than just her money, she also gave her time, talents, and energy so that others would have a better relationship with God.


This Sunday we are beginning a new series, “Blessed to be a Blessing.” This series is designed to encourage us to take all that God has blessed us with and use it to be a blessing to others. The reason my mom gave so much is that she realized that God have given her money, time, talents, passion, energy etc. so that she could bless others. Our hope is that this series will help you identify what you have been blessed with and to identify others you can bless. Come join us and discover how you can change the world by being a blessing to others.