We are excited to announce that Chris Ruzicka’s title will be changing from Connections Director to Connections Pastor. Chris was ordained back in 2001 when he and Jennifer moved to Borger, TX to work as a student ministries pastor. He spent seven years serving in Texas before returning to Graceway. Upon his return, Chris served in our Jr. High ministry as well as in the facilities department.

God gives certain individuals the heart of pastor; an ordination ceremony is merely a recognition and celebration of those gifts being evident in one’s life. No matter what the title is or isn’t, one never stops being what God made one to be. Over time, Chris transitioned out of the facilities department into other roles and responsibilities. Chris’ administrative gifts perfectly equipped him to move into the area of Connections. In that environment, Chris’ pastoral qualities immediately became evident watching him care for and shepherd his volunteers and our incoming guests.

Watching Chris thrive in such a setting and seeing the effects of his pastoral heart in the lives of those fortunate to come into contact with him, we knew that it is only appropriate to invite him to be a full part of our pastoral team! Already having been ordained by this church when we originally sent him out, it is a pleasure to have him recognized once again as Pastor Chris.