This Sunday we will be celebrating Gary Hart, and his wife Sharon, for their many years of service here at Graceway. Gary has recently decided to serve alongside the leadership of the Greater Kansas City Chinese Christian Church located in Shawnee, Kansas.

Gary has had a heart to minister to Chinese people for years. His passion began back in the late ‘70s when living in Taiwan. There, he taught English classes, Bible College, and started the Liu Bao Baptist Church in 1983. Gary was recently invited to the church he started for their 30th anniversary celebration. He has traveled back to Asia numerous times over the years including traveling with a short-term missions team from Graceway to East Asia.

Gary has been a member of Graceway for 23 years and has served as a pastor for 19 of those years. Part of his time here included teaching in the Chinese Ministry Fellowship. Another portion of his ministry included the Director of the Language & Culture Training Center (LCTC). LCTC provides language classes in Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic for those desiring to learn another language. The Center also provides English as a Second Language (ESL) and ESL teacher training courses. Through personal tragedy, Gary and Sharon began GriefShare ministry at Graceway. The Harts have been instrumental in helping those who have suffered a loss, rebuild their life.

Pastor Jay Grimwood has worked with Gary over the years and he had this to say:
“Gary and I have worked together in cross cultural ministries for almost 25 years and I am continually amazed at how many different opportunities he has created to reach individuals and families for Christ in the KC area. He is a sacrificial servant of God and has a gift of communicating with multiple cultures and teaching them at all levels. It has been a privilege to serve with him.”

Be sure to come by on Sunday and say goodbye to the Harts. They have been a great blessing to our Graceway family. We will miss them, but are truly excited for this next step in their ministry!