This picture shows 20 of the 26 college age and young adults that went to help direct games and lead praise at Middle School and High School summer camp. While many Christians their age (19-29) walk away from the Church, this group made it abundantly clear that they are not about walking away. They are a group about sacrificing and serving to make Graceway a healthy multi-generational church. They are a group of disciples following their Master, Jesus Christ.

Graceway is a vibrant multi-generational church blessed of God. The whole congregation, old and young, brown and beige, and everyone in between took wrist bands with students’ names to pray for them throughout the week at camp. The Middle School girl that my family prayed for accepted Christ at camp! Seeing her baptized yesterday was truly a joyful blessing of God. The Way of Life ministry (our more senior of members) generously paid the camp cost for six of our college kids. So, the Way of Life ministry was indirectly responsible for the crazy head banging wet and wild games at camp.

To all of those who gave financially and prayed for the kids and leaders of summer camp, THANK YOU! Graceway functioned as the body of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit; and as a result over 40 students accepted Christ and 22 of those already publically proclaimed their allegiance to Christ by being baptized. To God be the glory!

left to right: Sean East, Jesse Hamilton, Andy Stewart, Lachelle Nichols, Ben White, Kevin Rivera, Zach Domville, Leda Rivera, Aaron Castro, Michelle Hurley, Tony Harrison, Bailey Rockhold, Chloie Asbury, Maxwell Shockley, Michael Daniels, Tori Hodge, Shelby Dewitt, JC Alden, Emily Marriott, Kyle East. Not pictured: Erin Konomos, Beshoy Rezek, Dillon Barker, Joanna Barker, Tim Strickland, Karla Soto