What is discipleship?

Discipleship is not just a class or a program, it is at the heart of all that we do at Graceway. Our desire is to help people become healthy and thriving disciples of Jesus Christ. As disciples, one of God’s purposes for our lives is to continue to grow and be conformed to the image of Christ (Romans 8:28-29). At Graceway, we believe that the discipleship process is life-long and that one never finishes growing. We approach discipleship through three components: building a biblical foundation, growing personally, and living missionally. As a church, we want to be intentional about supporting you in your growth.

Our next round of Directions will begin Wednesdays, starting January 17th at 6:30 p.m.

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6 wks

Directions lessons 1-6

The first step is to attend a six week, process group style environment on lessons 1-6 of the Directions material. The material is studied at home and then upon returning, each person will discuss what you have learned, what effect it has had on your life, and what may need to change, etc.

6 wks

Process Group

Next, you will attend a process group for six weeks. This is a time to explore those blind spots that are affecting your relationship with God and those around you. What are the areas you may not see just walking through everyday life? What are the things holding you back that you may not realize are sitting there? Each process group has a facilitator and a person may complete more than one six-week process group session.

12 wks

Directions lessons 7-18

The final step is to complete lessons 7-18 of Directions. This will be done over 12 weeks and will be completed in a ‘table time’ format (similar to classroom style teaching).During this time, each person will develop an Individual Growth Plan (IGP). Your IGP will be built around your individual needs and desires to grow both in your relationship with Christ and with those around you. In this time, you will begin to prepare for the next step in your growth process.

Individual Growth Plan

The purpose of the IGP is to help you become intentional about your growth in your Biblical foundation, personal growth, and missional living.  Your IGP is a personalized plan that could include short-term and/or long-term goals. Your IGP is designed to create a plan that is a holistic approach to your growth in the three components of discipleship that will include looking at spiritual, relational, emotional, intellectual and practical growth needs.

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Ways to grow

Building a Biblical foundation will grow your faith and help you connect deeper with God.

How to Study the Bible

Personal growth is related to your relationships, professional life, or physical and emotional health.

Missional living is about fulfilling your role in God’s mission.

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Facilitator Training

Holistic discipleship is one of Graceway’s core values as we believe that discipleship is a lifelong pursuit of maturing in Christ that impacts every aspect of our lives. How is our vision for making disciples carried through? By growing and developing facilitators with an emphasis on holistic care. A facilitator is an individual who helps people and groups to relate, communicate, and discover in a better way. Our facilitators go through training so that they may assist in process and small/medium groups, Directions, serve as a peer guide, or simply learn to relate better with their family, friends, neighbors, etc.

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