We are currently in a series that will cover the last three chapters of the book of Luke. We will cover two simultaneous points of emphasis during this study: What Jesus said and did during his final hours, and how these things affected the community that he sought to leave behind.

This last Sunday, we studied the importance of prayer in community.

Prayer: the glue that holds community together

Luke 22:39-53

Discussion Questions

  1. On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your comfort level with praying in front of other people? (Explain)
    What are some of the potential benefits of praying with other believers?
  2. Is prayer a daily habit for you? Why or why not?
    In what ways do you think your prayer life could grow?
  3. How can a consistent prayer life prepare you for the journey ahead? What are the advantages of a consistent prayer life over a reactionary prayer life?
  4. What does it mean to pray according to God’s will? How can one know that his or her prayers are aligned with God’s will?
  5. In the last week or so, has their been a person or situation that you feel like God’s spirit is leading you to pray for? If you feel comfortable, share that person’s story or situation with your group.