We are currently in a series that will cover the last three chapters of the book of Luke. We will cover two simultaneous points of emphasis during this study: What Jesus said and did during his final hours, and how these things affected the community that he sought to leave behind.

Our emphasis for this week is learning how to respond when community breaks down.

Redeeming Community

Luke 22:54-71

Discussion Questions

  1. Sunday we learned all communities are flawed. Even Jesus’ own inner circle was flawed. What breakdowns in community have you experienced within your own inner circle of family & friends?
  2. Are there people in your life you struggle to connect with because of your past, or their past, failures?
    How could you lean into community with these people and move on to forgiveness and healing?
  3. Sunday we learned the purpose of community is to incubate not isolate. How has your community helped you to step outside of your comfort zone to engage the mission?
    What is your group doing to strategically connect with the people within the community in which you live (your friends, family, neighbors, KC metro)?
  4. What was the most significant statement of scripture that you heard as a result of this study?
    What action steps do you need to take to apply what you have learned about community?