We are currently in a series that will cover the last three chapters of the book of Luke. We will cover two simultaneous points of emphasis during this study: what Jesus said and did during his final hours, and how these things affected the community that he sought to leave behind.

Redeeming Community

Luke 24:13-35

Discussion Questions

  1. What was the most significant statement or scripture you heard today?
  2. What circumstances are currently stressful, or causing you to worry? Where are you in need of God’s peace?
  3. Do you feel as though you have permission to take all of your fear and doubt to God in prayer? If not, why?
    How, do you think, God responds to our fear and doubt? (IE: Is he patient, or does he get frustrated with our lack of faith?)
  4. Are you connected to a community where you could share 100% of those same fears and doubts without feeling like you are being judged?
  5. What action steps could you take as a result of what you have learned through this study?