Winterfest 2019

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Winterfest is an annual winter retreat for 7th-12th-grade students. Students will have an opportunity to connect with others and engage in powerful worship and teaching. Don’t spend another weekend at home when you could be spending it hanging out with friends!
Theme: Unpopular
The need for acceptance is a part of our basic human instinct. We all want to fit in, and in that effort to do so we often present different versions of ourselves – many times losing our identity in the process.
Thankfully we’ve been shown a better way. Jesus teaches us true meaning and purpose in life come not from fitting in but from standing out. Though he faced trials and rejection from peers, ultimately the life and death of Jesus forever changed the course of human history.
The choice is up to you. Will you settle for fitting in or do you have what it takes to be unpopular?
Registration: December 1 – February 12, 2019
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