Last weekend Pastor Jim Lee wrapped up our “Family Matters” series with a discussion of healthy parenting. With the Father’s Day holiday approaching I found myself remembering amazing childhood moments with my dad. Fishing in Arkansas, mountain climbing in Colorado, card games on the back porch, bike rides, baseball games, harvesting tomatoes from the family garden – I am privileged to have a father that enjoys spending time with his children.

The establishment of Father’s Day as a national holiday in the United States was much more difficult than Mother’s Day. Many feared it, too, would become overly commercialized – some even called it a Second Christmas for men. In 1957 a bold female senator from Maine accused Congress of ignoring fathers for 40 years while honoring “just one of the two parents”. The third Sunday in June wasn’t made a permanent Father’s Day holiday until 1972.

Father’s Day is a time to remember the men that serve their families in all sorts of ways. Whether you call your dad, fire up the grill for a fantastic summer meal, go for a hike along a woodland trail, or share stories with friends of a father that has passed, these events create memories that last a lifetime.

Jim reminded us last Sunday that “Healthy parents live in daily dependence on Christ”. Take a moment this weekend to thank God for the men in your life that model His steadfast support and guidance. Consider stepping into the lives of children that do not have a steady father figure. Take a moment to thank your father for the work, time, and love he gives you.