Throughout this past year, we have had many questions surrounding how Graceway is structured in light of our leadership retreat last year. Graceway is an organization committed to team leadership and this is represented in our improved organizational structure as we have multiple teams working together on many levels.

We desired to create a team environment that helped the entire staff and church body communicate up and down the organization. We understand that ideas and inspiration happen throughout the body, not just one source; and we desire a system that allows our local body and staff to communicate and lead clearly and efficiently. The organizational clarity team, that was created from the leadership retreat, had a goal to develop an organizational chart representing a team that surrounded and supported Jeff Adams’ leadership. From this goal, two teams were developed: the Action Team and the Strategic Team.

The Action Team works together to implement the vision according to our core strategies and values. This team mostly consists of department leaders and from time to time, other individuals may be asked to join the team. Church-wide projects such as planning for Christmas and Easter services along with some day-to-day operations around Graceway fill the agenda as this team meets each week. This team consists of Jeff Adams, Jim Lee, John Baxter, Brian Stuchul, Jim Edwards, Jeremy Schell, and Summer Montgomery.

The Strategic Team sets vision and guides the organization based on its core strategies and values. This team is comprised of Jeff Adams, Jim Lee, John Baxter, and Brian Stuchul. This team will also invite other individuals to sit in on meetings from time to time when more input or expertise is needed.

Each individual department makes decisions and implement changes when it affects their specific department only. When changes or issues have the potential to impact multiple departments, it is brought to the Action Team. If the change or issue impacts Graceway’s core values and strategies, it is brought before the Strategic Team.

We are committed to working as a team to make Graceway a place where you can enjoy coming to church and grow in your relationship with Christ. If you have any questions or comments, we invite you to engage with us. You can do so by clicking here