In a large church, finding connection on a Sunday morning can be difficult. Our Groups ministry has worked hard to set up ways in which you can find connection and community via small and medium groups. Below are some updates that will be made to our current Groups model.

Our small groups will be divided into two categories: home groups and study groups.  A study group will last for ten weeks and will cover a specific topic from a book of the Bible to a study found on Right Now Media. All study groups that meet will start and stop on the same week.  A home group will follow a similar format to our current small groups.  There will be no start and end date and the groups may choose whichever study and/or activities they would like to do at their leisure.

We will host a Group Fair after the first of the year where you can meet facilitators and find a group that is right for you.

In January we will be introducing medium groups. These groups will run anywhere from 20-150 people and will cover a wide range of topics such as ‘How to Study the Bible’, ‘Experiencing God’, ‘Apologetics,’ ‘Marriage, and Parenting.’ These groups will be more than just a typical class as they will be highly interactive and designed to help you learn as well as meet other people. Medium groups will last ten weeks and will meet for both fall and winter semesters.

Medium groups will meet on Sunday morning and evening and on Wednesday nights.  Classes that occur outside of Sunday morning will have a minimal fee to cover cost of materials and child care. Child care is for Wednesday nights only. A list of classes to register for will be out soon.

If you are interested in facilitating a study group or leading a home group, contact Andy Castro for more information.