A few weeks ago we updated you on some of the exciting things happening with our Groups ministry. Starting in January we will be offering several Medium Groups with a variety of topics. These groups will be more than just a typical class as they will be highly interactive and designed to help you learn as well as meet other people. Below are descriptions and links to sign-up for the Medium Groups offered in Winter 2016.

Marriage & Parenting: This class will be spending the first five weeks discussing marriage and is meant to help couple's identify negative themes in their marriage and aid them in correcting those destructive patterns. The second part we will discuss parenting as today’s busy families come in all shapes and sizes. Whatever your family dynamic may be, this practical course is designed to help you discover a healthy spiritual rhythm for your family by engaging in a powerful partnership with the church. 

Directions: This relational study is designed to help direct your spiritual growth and provide a deeper understanding of the basics of the Christian faith. Come join us as we walk through these Biblical truths together.

Financial Peace University: Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University is a life-changing program, setting people free from financial debt and teaching them to building a secure financial future. 

How We Love: TAre you hurting? Do you feel unseen of misunderstood by those closest to you? Are you repeating same old patterns? Perhaps you are an individual who is struggling. In How We Love, we can offer hope and help. We believe that all things are possible no matter how deep the hurt. Note: There is no child care offered for this class.

Truth & Worldview: We will cover what truth is, how we know it, and how our society understands truth today. For anyone that wants to learn how to handle the difficult questions of the faith and how to talk and communicate these difficult questions, this class is for you. 

Experiencing God: Experiencing God challenges Christians to experience the fullness of a life lived in fellowship with the loving, personal God. Experiencing God shows you how to deepen your own personal relationship with God and discover your special place in His kingdom.

Bible 201 (How to Study the Bible): A practical workshop teaching principles of Bible study through both lecture and small group interactive learning. This class will help you learn how to read and study the Bible from the perspective of the author and original audience.