Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the blessings received over the past year. At Graceway, we are thankful for our members and how they have blessed our community as well as the church in 2015. We are thankful for the hundreds of volunteers who dedicated time to ministering to families through our youth baseball and soccer programs; for those who serve every Sunday by welcoming us with a smile as we come in the door; for the thousands of dollars that were raised so our students could go to camp and have their life changed forever.

We asked our staff what they are thankful for this season and this is what they had to say:

I am thankful for opportunities to grow in love, grace and knowledge of God’s truth and ways; and for genuine friends and family that patiently help figure out what that looks like. -Donna Bruce, Outreach

I am thankful for my family who supports my vision and me, especially in busy seasons like this! I’m thankful for a congregation that prays for its leaders. I’ve had personal stories of people praying for our family and we’ve seen God come through in mighty ways! -Jeremy Schell, Worship

I am thankful for my family and true friends. Thankful for the getaways with my hubby; so thankful for a college student that calls and texts his mother with loving words. I’m also thankful for a daughter that still enjoys spending time with her mom. I’m thankful for special friends that I can share anything with.
-Kellie Cornley, Children’s Ministry

We are truly thankful for how you have blessed us over this past year. Go over to our Facebook page and tell us, what are you thankful for this year?