What does it say?

Hebrews 7 returns to expand upon the theme of Jesus as the High Priest and superior to the Levitical priesthood. The New Testament that God promised to the prophets has now been fulfilled in Christ, the Great High Priest and a the true tabernacle in the heavens, not on earth (Heb 8).

Everything about the Law given to Moses is a shadow or picture of what Jesus Christ would accomplish in his death, burial and resurrection. What Jesus Christ has done is not a shadow but the reality itself. This is why God prepared a human body for Christ to be the sacrifice offered once-for-all for sin, and why we now have the ability to approach God directly (Heb 9-10).

What does it mean?

The Law constantly points forward to Christ. Now that the symbols of priest, temple and Law are fulfilled in Christ, there is no reason to go back. The Old Testament was never able to deal finally with sin, and now the Old is replaced by the New that God repeatedly promised through the prophets. If the Old were capable of dealing with sin, there would be no need for the New. This is the main emphasis of bringing up all the details of the Old Testament, to show that Jesus Christ fulfilled it all perfectly and finally. The Law reflects the demands of God’s holiness, something that no human being has ever been able to satisfy and never could without the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Beginning in Hebrews 10:19 the author makes practical application of these truths to the life of believers. This section does not teach that we can lose salvation, only that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross is a once-and-for-all sacrifice. Reject this sacrifice and there is no other sacrifice that can take its place. Accept this sacrifice and life is forever transformed.

How will I respond?

Do I still pick and choose parts of the Old Testament Law to apply to my life, or do I truly understand that Jesus Christ satisfied all the requirements of the Law and that there is nothing further than I can add other than to love God, obey him and engage in his mission? What is the most important application I can make to my life today in light of what I have read today?