A few weeks ago we announced some personnel shifts within our Family Life Ministry. In August, Nick Hart will be assuming the role of High School Pastor, Brian Stuchul will take over as Family Life Pastor, and we are currently in the process of looking for someone to lead the Middle School Ministry. As we move forward in this next season of Family Life Ministry, we desire to have a more unified approach on how we support families in raising children from infants to young adults. Our goal is to make it easy for parents to connect with the resources and programming that Graceway offers for parents and their kids.

Beginning August 14, High School Ministry will be moving to Sunday mornings at 10:45 a.m. and meeting in the Middle School auditorium. We are excited about this time change and feel that this will have a great impact on the ministry. We learned from our recent church-wide survey that the majority of those who attend Graceway drive at least 20 minutes to participate in church and asking families to make that drive twice in one day proves difficult. The move to Sunday mornings allows Graceway to offer something for every member of the family in one morning.

There are many additional benefits to this move. The change in meeting time allows for more synergy between High School and Middle School groups as we have the opportunity to share worship teams, events calendar, as well as opportunities for growth and service. Meeting on Sunday mornings will allow high school leadership to serve more effectively as most of them have young families and may now utilize the ministry and support that SkyKids offers. Meeting on Sunday nights, students have been in a mostly empty building and many parents felt hesitation having their students drive to and from church at night. Moving to Sunday morning provides additional security in the building and students will not be driving to and from church in the evening hours.

It is an exciting time right now in our Family Life Ministry. Please join us in praying for camp, our search for a Middle School leader, and that this High School time change will take the ministry to the next level.