Each of us has a story that tells of the work God is doing in us and through us. Graceway is a church filled with stories of God overcoming and showing his love for his creation. We have shared these stories, so that others might see the love of God through all of us.

Jeff Adam’s story

As our Senior Pastor there is probably no other story that impacts Graceway’s vision and mission more. Jeff shared with Graceway his “I am Graceway” story to start off our recent I am Graceway series. His experiences in El Salvador as a missionary and then returning home to Kansas City have helped form Graceway to what it is today.

Stories of forgiveness in Christ

The forgiveness we find in Christ is life changing. In a single moment we are taken from a place of shame and failure, and raised to a state of blameless and forgiven. The impossible becomes possible and our lives are changed forever. We pray you enjoy these stories of forgiveness and find inspiration in the realization that we are new in Christ.

Stories of finding purpose

Part of being a disciple of Jesus is finding your purpose and mission here on earth. There are as many purposes and missions as their are people. Finding our larger purpose is a life long journey of self discovery, learning to listen and hear God, and trusting him as he leads us to the next chapter of our story. We encourage you to read some of the stories we had listed here to inspire you and begin to hear God as he directs you on your own journey.

Stories on baptism

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Learn more about having a relationship with Christ

More Stories

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Your story has the power to help others. We encourage you share with us your story, we’d love the opportunity to interview you and be able to allow what God has done in your life to inspire and help others.

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