Our accounting team mails annual giving statements by January 31 for the previous year’s contributions. You can help us provide you with an accurate statement by utilizing one of the following methods when giving:
-Place your money in a pre-assigned, pre-numbered offering envelope;
-Place your money in a generic envelope (located behind the auditorium seats) providing your complete name and address (please write clearly);
-Use the online giving portion of our site (visitgraceway.org/giving);
-Use your pre-assigned, pre-numbered offering envelope number as your account number through your bank’s online bill paying system;
-Have the accounting office set up your giving through a repetitive ACH process.

No matter which method you select, we will make every effort to post stray checks to the accounts of individuals if the gift is $250 or more, as the IRS requires that the donor have a written acknowledgement from the charity. The IRS still requires proof for donations less than $250, but that proof can be in the form of a canceled check or a written statement from the charity itself. The accounting team must record contributions on a contemporaneous basis, which means we will not be able to reconstruct a giving statement at year-end.

2016 approved offering designations:
General Tithes and Offerings
Campus Fund
Community and Global Outreach
Designated Missionary Support
¿Qué Dice la Biblia?
Short Term Missions/Missions Trips
Student Camp
Other Special Offerings (as announced)