In January we began making the Lord’s Table available in our worship services. As believers, the opportunity to respond and remember Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is a special and intimate time of worship. This has become a powerful element of our services, and a welcome addition for many people. It is, however, a change from our traditional approach to this important ordinance.

The Bible does not give specific instructions on how or how often a church should observe the Lord’s Table. When Jesus served his disciples in Matthew 26, Mark 14, and Luke 22, he was teaching them, and us, to “do this in remembrance of me.” Like in worship, we need to obsess about the “who” and not the how.

What the Bible is specific about, however, is the manner in which we should partake of the Lord’s Table. In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians he says, “…let a man examine himself…” The Corinthians had turned the Lord’s Table into a drunken feast that honored the rich and the “haves” over the “have-not’s.” When we partake of the Lord’s Table we should stop and examine our hearts. Do you have sin that needs to be confessed? Do you have a conflict with another believer that needs to be resolved? Deal with those first! This is one of the reasons we offer these elements as part of the prayer time. Come to the table with forgiveness in your heart, knowing what Jesus’ sacrifice meant.

Having been at Graceway for many years, the Lord’s Table has been a part of our services in many different fashions. It is vitally important to the church body and a key family time we should value. Each year we will continue to set aside four Sundays in which we will partake of the Lord’s Table together, as an entire church family. This year’s dates will be Palm Sunday, the last Sundays of June and September, and the first Sunday of Advent. We’ll pause on those Sundays, serve each other, and remember.

Have you experienced great victory in your life? Has God convicted you of something? Have you recently met Jesus? Do you need to focus? These reasons, and many more, are also why we offer the Lord’s Table in a smaller format each Sunday. As the altar is opened for prayer, you have the chance to respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit, which may also motivate you remember. Even if coming forward is a challenge for you, grab one of our ushers and they’ll be happy to bring the Lord’s Table to you.

Whether you choose to partake of the Lord’s Table with us weekly, quarterly, or as the Lord leads, our sincere desire is to provide the opportunity for you to remember and to worship. And as always, if you are interested in helping us with the quarterly or weekly Lord’s Table, please email me at