What does it say?

In Jeremiah 4 God gives the prophet confirmation that unspeakable destruction is about to fall upon the nation at the hand of Babylon. This vision fills Jeremiah with horror. He knows that Jerusalem is still unrepentant and still seeking security from foreign alliances.

Jeremiah 5 describes God’s repeated efforts to appeal to his people that have been flatly rejected by the nation. Judah is steeped in idolatry and corruption from top to bottom and God’s search for pockets of truth and justice is futile. The only prophecy the people want to hear is false prophecy.

Since all of God’s warnings have fallen on deaf ears, God has no choice but to turn his people over to Babylon for judgment. Jeremiah 6 is like a declaration of war. If anyone in Judah and Jerusalem is listening, this is the moment to flee.

What does it mean?

God’s direction toward the completion of his mission never wavers. When his people become disconnected from him, they become disconnected from purpose and meaning. Yet for all that we have seen, God never moves in judgment without warning clearly and pleading repeatedly with his people. This is important. Sometimes we may be tempted to fear the future, fear what might happen to us. The real issue is whether or not we are listening to God.

We have a complete Bible that shows us God’s mission, how he operates, how he communicates with his people and the principles that we should live by. Furthermore, God has not simply given us the Bible and retired. He is constantly active in our lives and in our world. He speaks to us through circumstances, other believers and the voice of his Spirit within us. God cuts a clean swath through history, one that should be evident to any serious student of scripture that is listening. The danger is becoming a believer that goes through the motions of Christianity without drawing near to God’s heart.

God will preserve a remnant, and he will once again revive and restore Jerusalem to fulfill his mission. But a rebellious generation will needlessly die in hopelessness due to their spiritual adultery.

How will I respond?

Do I allow current events in my life, my church and my world to fill me with fear? What will I learn from this passage today? Will I learn to see that God’s mission has never changed? Am I still listening to God’s words? What step can I take today to better listen to my God?