What does it say?

The law is finished. What follows is a series of consequences for both obedience and disobedience to the Law (Lev 26). With these solemn consequences also comes provision for repentance and restoration.

In a most curious finish after the many obligatory rules and regulations, the final chapter of Leviticus covers voluntary offerings of love and devotion to God (Lev 27). Procedure is established to offer various vows and offerings of consecration for people, animals or other possessions as a free will offering to the Lord.

What does it mean?

The list of blessings and curses is a remarkable record of Israel in history and even in history yet to come. God communicates his will clearly and also the consequences of obedience and disobedience. Even under the Law it is notable that God continually holds out his grace to those who repent.

Even under the Law, God expects generosity from his people, as indicated in this final chapter outlining voluntary vows and offerings. An individual could voluntarily dedicate life, family, animals or house to God. In such cases a monetary value is affixed to that which is consecrated and given to God. How much more should generosity characterize those of us who have experienced God’s grace as the result of the finished work of Jesus Christ in his death, burial and resurrection?

How will I respond?

You have finished four large Old Testament books. Congratulations! Be encouraged! Hopefully you are beginning to sense continuity and patterns in the way God is carrying out his mission of redemption and restoration. It really is one story, not many.

In light of the Law and seeing how Jesus Christ fulfilled the symbols that God put down as mile markers in the story, how much more should generosity characterize my life today Does my giving to the church, to missional projects and other endeavors strategic to the mission reflect my love and devotion to God?

What is the most important lesson for my life that I have learned in reading through Leviticus? What are two or three practical steps that I have taken, or will take, to apply what I have learned?