It is important for us to remember where we came from, in order to know where we are, and where God is leading us in the future. It’s no secret that Graceway is in a time of transition as we look for a new lead pastor, but even in this transition we are committed to being a church that continues to reach our community and the world around us.

Graceway has a rich history of disciple-making, Bible teaching, and Great Commission living. Being a disciple of Jesus Christ is about continued growth, it does not happen over night. We believe God wants to grow His people in every aspect of life: spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and relationally. Disciple-making has to do with every aspect of our lives.

This last Sunday we had the opportunity to hear from several members who have recently been going through the discipleship process. Some of them are new to the church, while others have attended for years. Here’s what they had to say:

In a matter of weeks I felt stronger, I felt lighter, I experienced joy and peace for the first time in my life; but, most importantly I fell in love with Jesus.
– Carmalita Dillard

I’ve learned instead of trying to just grow up, I’m learning to grow out. My relationships, my connections in the body have changed. I’m learning how to reconcile the conflict of what I know in my head with what I feel in my heart. I can’t change the experiences I’ve had in my life, but I can change the way I feel so these feelings aren’t detrimental.
– Ira Clark

I never allowed myself to be vulnerable with people, but I started to use the skills I learned in facilitator training to deepen the relationships I did have. I’ve learned how to love and be loved and it’s transformed my marriage and my relationship with the Lord. It has allowed me to have a deeper understanding of God’s love for me.

– Ann Baxter

I think it’s easy to think what God is going to do is to speak truth to you, which He does; but, it’s a whole other level when you’re coming to experience God speak through you. When God’s spirit is working through you, it’s exciting. When you truly open yourself and explore areas that aren’t comfortable, but you bring it before the Holy Spirit, other believers in love, and in submission to the Lord; you allow His power access to areas in your heart you’ve kept closed and allow Him the opportunity to really bring healing in those areas.
– Jondy Britton

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This coming Sunday join us as we talk more about what is coming up in 2017 as well as provide a small update regarding the transition.