The Communications and Marketing Director will be responsible for managing the workflow of the following for Graceway: design, social media and creative arts projects; development through execution of creative concepts for Graceway. The Communications and Marketing Director will also work to develop relationships with other departments (“staff”) and creative individuals in the community. This position reports directly to the Senior Pastor and will also work closely with the Worship Pastor and Creative Arts Department.

Job Title: Communications & Marketing Director
Employee Status: Exempt
Campus: Main


Job Application
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Responsibilities and Expectations for all Employees of Graceway

Ministry and Management Philosophy

Graceway is both a local church and a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation. We do not consider these two designations to be in conflict. Our final authority is the Word of God. At the same time, we practice a management philosophy that would be consistent with any efficiently managed corporation. Personal responsibility, integrity in maintaining compliance with laws and regulations that govern our church, as well as direct management and supervision of employees, including the assessment of performance, is to be expected. All employees are subject to the policies as outlined in the employee manual and fraud policy document.

People Skills

Interacting with people in a professional and respectful way is essential for all employees of Graceway. This requires every employee to excel in his or her communication skills. Regardless of the position held, all employees of Graceway are expected to equip and serve people.


Although different positions at Graceway require different work schedules, all employees are required to be flexible. The overwhelming majority of our ministries will take place on evenings and weekends. That is the nature of ministry. Throughout the year all employees may be asked to work nights and weekends at times to facilitate the needs of the ministry.

Flexibility also extends to direct reports and job responsibilities. As ministry needs change, employees’ responsibilities may change, including to whom they directly report.

Ministry Involvement

Each employee that is a member of Graceway is asked to remain involved in ministry to keep a proper perspective on vocation/occupation. Since employees at Graceway almost always minister where they work, the line between ministry and employment will be blurred at times.


Each employee that is a member of Graceway is responsible to support the ministry of Graceway financially. The minimum standard for an employee is a tithe.

Emotional Maturity

Employment at Graceway presents challenges that are unique to a church environment. Employees must be able to consistently demonstrate emotional stability and maturity

Experience and Knowledge Required

    • Strong leadership skills and a history of team management
    • Proven track record of effective time management
    • Ability to prioritize and complete multiple projects effectively
    • Excellent verbal and interpersonal skills 
    • Background in design, or other creative fields
    • Management and execution of marketing campaigns 
    • Strong desire to work with creative individuals and teams
    • Proficiency in Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Lightroom, etc.) and Google products (Gmail, Drive, Sheets, Docs, etc.)
    • Ability to use imagination, originality, and talent to produce a high-quality product

Essential Functions and Responsibilities

    • Developing creative content: writing and editing print, web, and video text
    • Overseeing creative special projects, i.e., Easter and Christmas
    • Managing coordinated marketing campaigns for internal communication (Small Groups, Growth Track) and external events (Christmas, Easter, conferences, etc.). 
    • Scripting and coordinating talent to deliver Graceway News
    • Growing creative relationships in the Kansas City community
    • Maintaining Graceway’s photograph database
    • Developing and working with freelance photographers and creative talent
    • Communicating with Creative Team regarding graphic needs
    • Other duties as assigned

Other Duties and Responsibilities

    • Execute additional responsibilities and tasks as assigned by Direct Report.

Employee possesses and exhibits the following core values in their daily lives:

    • Positive, fun and enjoyable attitude
    • Loyal, heart of a servant
    • Must share the vision of Graceway to fulfill the Great Commission with integrity and passion
    • High capacity multi-tasking individual who is comfortable working independently without constant supervision
    • Strong written/oral communication, proofreading, editing, and interpersonal skills
    • Highly self-motivated and directed

Physical Demands

    • Must be able to drive their own vehicle or a Graceway vehicle.

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Individuals assigned to the Communications and Marketing Director

Examples of Areas of Responsibility


  • Touch base with those in charge of individual events to clarify Facilities role in the event.
  • Make sure facility representative is available at major events.


General Maintenance:

  • Construction
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical/Lighting
  • Lawn Care
  • Painting
  • Floor Cleaning and Maintenance
  • HVAC
  • Vehicle scheduling, management, and maintenance



  • Ensure building is 100% ready
  • Set HVAC temperatures
  • Always on call to serve/react to emergencies
  • After services, make sure buildings are locked and secure

Required Experience and Education

Related education or equivalent work experience is required.

Hours and Term

Hours: Monday-Friday 1:00-5:30pm or 2:00-6:30pm

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