“M” is a 53-year-old Iraqi man from Mosul, Iraq. For over 1400 years his family knew nothing but Islam. However, thirty years ago “M” heard a voice. The voice said to him, “Do not read the Koran again for the rest your life!” “M” believed the voice. So, although he lived a Muslim life, married a Muslim woman, he never read the Koran or obeyed, in his heart and mind, the teachings of Islam.

Last summer, ISIS began their brutal campaign in Iraq and Syria. When they came through “M’s” hometown, ISIS leaders told him, “If you do not convert to ‘our’ Islam, we will kill you and your family in the morning.” That night, “M” and his family fled to Northern Iraq.

unnamedFleeing for their lives, the question continued to burn in “M’s” mind, “If ISIS is Islam, am I really a Muslim?”. Then he remembered the voice from 30 years earlier, “Is what my family and I have believed for 1400 years nothing more than a complete lie?”.   He was confused and afraid.

When the family arrived in the province of Dohuk, little did they know that their lives would intersect with the sovereign plan of God. They settled in an unfinished building on the outskirts of town. Providentially, this was the same region where “A”, our Reach the Rest partner and church planter, was working.  “A” and his team provided “M’s” family the needed clothes, food, heat, and water to survive the harsh Northern Iraq winter.

After six months, “M’s” heart began to soften and he began to open up to “A”. He also began to rethink his perception of Christians. 

“M” shared with “A” the dream he had 30 years prior. “A” told him the voice he had heard was Jesus. He then began to share the gospel with him. As “A” shared the gospel “M” began to understand that Jesus was real, that He died for his sin, and had a plan for his life.  

“M” accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior that night in February 2015. But that was just the beginning. “M” began telling his friends and family, who had fled with him, about his Jesus.Within three weeks, “M” had led over 41 families (over 250 people) to faith in Christ!  What a testimony of God’s grace and mercy.