“Expect Great Things from God; Attempt Great Things for God” is a famous charge from one of the most remarkable missions hero of history, William Carey. The mission’s strategy at Graceway is just a continuation of this faith based call that drove Carey to give his life in bringing a message of hope to India. Graceway has intentionally chosen to attempt great things for God by focusing our international outreach in areas that are difficult and sometimes dangerous. These countries and people groups are referred to as unreached or unengaged because there are so few workers going to a vast area of the globe that is the remaining frontier of mission outreach. This area is referred to as the 10/40 window because it lies roughly in a geographical window between 10 degree and 40 degree north latitudes ranging from Western North Africa eastward to Japan and parts of Indonesia.

As we attempt this great outreach for God; we expect to see great things from God and have already been blessed by God’s promise that He will build His church even in the remote areas of the globe. We are currently engaged in two “Business As Mission” opportunities in North Africa. We have seen God plant a church among an ethnically diverse gathering of believers in Kurdistan. We are partnering with indigenous national pastors in training hundreds of pastors in India. We have a vibrant partnership with Universities in Taiwan to help students learn English in camp settings. As well as many other Graceway partners working throughout the 10/40 window in various ways to build bridges of hope. Because of Graceway’s long history of mission work in Latin America, we have a multitude of Spanish speaking partners that have taken advantage of our Que Dice La Biblia Spanish Bible Institute embracing our same philosophy of mission. Many are now joining us in this international effort to reach the remaining in very strategic partnerships with local churches throughout Latin America.

All of us can be part of this mission by either going, praying and/or mobilizing. Fewer will go, but all can pray, and most of us can mobilize by giving or informing others of the task at hand. To help in this endeavor Graceway has appointed Field Liaisons for each of our missionaries. These Liaisons stay in close contact with their field and missionaries and convey prayer and support needs to those that have indicated they want to be part of that particular mission. If you are interested in taking part you can see a listing of our field outreaches online at www.visitgraceway.org/missions and click on give online. Go to the drop down designation window to choose. If you have specific questions you can email missions@visitgraceway.org. Thank you for your desire to attempt great things for God.




Your generous sacrificial giving to our Community and Global outreach fund enabled us to fund the following projects during the fourth quarter of 2014:

Community Outreach:

  • City Union Mission: Christmas gifts – $1,500.00
  • City Union Mission: Meals for Homeless – $347.72
  • Community Linc: Donation (on behalf of first time visitors to Graceway) – $730.00
  • JVS – Transportation for immigrants participating in Youth Soccer – $86.32
  • Local elementary school outreach: Activities and teachers’ appreciation – $843.42

Global Outreach:

  • All Nations: Special staff donation – $1,500.00
  • Egypt Church: Keyboard – $500.00
  • Egypt Pastor: Housing aid – $1,200.00
  • India: Airfare for church planters – $1051.60
  • India: Cell phone for church planter – $249.86
  • India: Cell phone, tablet & shoes for Pastor – $611.64
  • India: Christmas gifts for Pastor’s kids – $201.60
  • India: Clothing, shoes, personal items for church planter – $225.81
  • India: Computer for Pastor – $249.99
  • India: Dental work for missionary – $2,044.80
  • India: Mumbai Christmas outreach – $500.00
  • India: Pastor’s Vehicle – $3,000.00
  • India: Web site development – $100.00
  • Iraq: Prenatal vitamins for pastor’s wife – $74.34
  • Iraq: Christmas gifts for field workers – $177.94
  • Iraq: Christmas gifts for Pastor’s kids – $73.70
  • Iraq: Computer for Pastor and Scripture MP3s – $1,439.80
  • Iraq: Refugee relief – $300.00
  • Jamaica: Christmas outreach community dinner and gifts – $2,000.00
  • Kurdistan: Home school materials for field worker – $782.92
  • Kurdistan: Bibles on Ipads – $2,000.00
  • Kurdistan: Pastors discipleship conference – $1,000.00
  • Spain: Directions books – $60.00
  • Spain: Used computer donation expense – $86.17
  • Spain/Morocco: Field survey expenses – $2,000.00
  • West Bank: Hope for Ishmael Jericho/Pharmacy Project – $2,000.00