Missions Update
Missions is a big part of Graceway. Through missions we strive to complete the Great Commission Jesus gave us as we learn to love the world as God the Father loves it. It is through this we see the impact of the Holy Spirit as he uses us to reach those who need Christ.

Last September we hosted a night where we were able to update you on what was happening around the globe and it’s time to do so again! Return to Graceway on Sunday evening, April 17 at 6:00 p.m. for a missions update. Come early for an evening of cultural immersion with Middle Eastern food samplings served from 5:00 to 6:00pm. We will hear updates from our missions partners on what is happening in the Middle Eastern region of the globe.

Due to sensitivity of topics being discussed, we will not be recording the evening’s events. There will not be child care for this event, but children are welcome to join their family in the auditorium.

StratOp Renewal
We have often mentioned the leadership retreat from last summer where we prayerfully sought God’s direction in preparation for the future of Graceway. We have reaped the benefits from our first Strategic Operation Planning (or StratOp) Consultation. The process is not a one time event; instead, it is designed to be renewed each year as we continue to evolve as a church. Our belief is that our church, just as our personal lives, should be in a constant state of growth.

It has been nine months since our original StratOp, and we are excited about starting this process again and seeing where God will lead us in the coming year. The first year we focused on Graceway’s history, the lessons we have learned from the past, and what we should work on for our future. This year, we will be evaluating how last year went and what can we improve on for 2016.

April 18-19, our staff we will be participating in a StratOp process once again. As we prepare for the second round of this we want to invite you to join us in praying for our time together and that God leads and guides us.