We recently asked our staff to share moments when a small action by someone around them had a huge impact in their lives. Janet Harding is an Administrative Assistant here at Graceway.

Janet HardingOne thing that really impacted my life in coming to Christ was simply overhearing another lady praying while I was staying with her. Every morning she would get on the phone with her friend and they would pray together. The phone was near my room so I could hear her as she prayed. She prayed over many things, she prayed for me and my family. She thought I was asleep, but as I heard her I could tell this was different, and this was something real. For my life, this small everyday thing she did was huge. By her example she also taught me to take things to God in prayer, because I knew that God was answering her prayers.

We’d love to hear your stories about when some small action by someone around you had a huge impact in your life. To submit your story click here.