JANUARY 24-25, 2020

Hey, Parents! We could all use a little help sometimes, right? Whether you are in the middle of toddler tantrums, homework struggles, or curfew battles, this conference will provide you practical answers to your toughest questions.

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Special Guest Speaker

Kirk Martin is a behavioral therapist and Founder of CelebrateCalm.com. Martin and his family opened up their own home to mentor and tutor 1,500 children with ADHD over the course of a decade, teaching them self-control and social skills. Kirk has trained 150,000 parents, teachers and children how to eliminate power struggles, improve grades and foster responsible children. Martin has authored four books including Celebrate! ADHD, an award-winning newsletter and hosts his own Radio Show. His websites are CelebrateADHD.com and CelebrateCalm.com.


Friday Night | January 18, 2019

6:00 pm | Doors Open
6:30 pm | Emotionally healthy marriage
8:00 pm | After Party

Saturday | January 19, 2019

9:00 am | Breakfast
10:00 am | Enneagram 101
11:30 am | Q&A
12:30 am | Oneness and Wounds

Bring a good attitude, and your desire to grow and have fun!
Bring a good attitude, and your desire to grow and have fun!
We strongly encourage you to register ahead of time to allow us to prepare for food during the event.
Please do! The parenting conference is designed for anyone wanting to become better parents and raise great kids.
The conference will be held in the main auditorium at Graceway.
5460 Blue Ridge Cutoff
Kansas City, MO 64133