In 2009 we were sitting in Graceway on a Sunday morning listening to a guest speaker talk about his upcoming move to Asia. Having been members of Graceway for many years, we had learned much about God’s heart for all people of the world. Up until that day, we didn’t know what God was doing in our lives long-term, but hearing this speaker really set Asia in our hearts.


In 2010 and 2011 we participated in short-term opportunities in Asia which were important events to confirm our moving away from Kansas City. Both trips were very uncomfortable in one way or another but each time we saw God confirming this move for our family. When we returned from our first trip in 2010 we enrolled in an ESL training program at Graceway to begin to better equip ourselves for working in Asia. We also became part of a prayer team focused on that part of the world. The following year’s trip confirmed even more and we enrolled in a language class to begin preparations for our move.


As we packed up our family to make the move, we had an unexplainable peace. He had been faithful to supply all our needs, including selling our house for full price in 48 hours, and has continued to meet all our needs these last four years while living abroad.


Our daily lives in Asia look quite a bit different than our days of living in Kansas City. We now prefer chopsticks to forks, we expect to hear fireworks daily, and we enjoy the convenience of buying food from street vendors in our neighborhood. But the great commandment and the great commission haven’t changed; we still can love those He puts in our lives and they can see Him by the love we have for each other. These truths cross all language barriers and open doors for Him to be shared in all cultures and corners of the world. We’ve had Buddhists neighbors ask about our faith simply because they watched our family do life together. We’ve had the opportunity to use the Directions materials with many young brothers and give them a solid foundation.
We are so thankful for our Graceway family and how you are such a big part of Him meeting our needs. We are remembered, we are supported, and we are encouraged often through you. Thank you!