We recently asked our staff to share moments when a small action by someone around them had a huge impact in their lives. Rachel Morgan works in the Missions and Adult Athletics department at Graceway.

Rachel MorganFrom the time I was a teenager I always considered myself an “independent” person. Over the years I didn’t have to ask for much help from people, and I was just fine with that. I would rather stress myself out than to “burden” someone else. Becoming a mom changed that part of me to a large degree.

“The small stuff all adds up to big stuff”

Throughout my pregnancy people came out of the woodwork helping me clean, pitching in when we moved homes, offering to carry things to my car at work, etc. Friends and even acquaintances who I had very little interaction with at Graceway, began bringing gifts for the baby to church weeks before she was born. A dress here, a few bibs there…all those small things added up. In fact now, nearly nine months after her birth, we still have a few packs of baby wipes left over from the baby showers (notice, that is showers – plural)!

Pregnancy was only the beginning. I never could have imagined the toll giving birth to our little Malaya would take on my body and my mind. All the “small stuff” all of a sudden seemed huge! How was I supposed to balance all of my roles in life?

God was intent on continuing to show me how much I need my community and family. Meal after meal was delivered to us, more cleaning and laundry done, countless hours of free babysitting offered (and claimed) as I eased back into my new work schedule. My husband also poured himself out cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, etc. so that I could focus on taking special care of the newest joy in our lives.

I now realize the benefit of accepting help so that I’m able to enjoy the time I have with my Lord, my husband and baby, my family and friends, and (*bonus) have the endurance left over to return the favor and help others! What I have come to understand is that the small stuff all adds up to big stuff, but only if you let it. I CAN’T successfully do it all on my own without having a mental breakdown, nor do I WANT to anymore!

Thanks to everyone who contributed “small stuff” to my family the past year. You know who you are.

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