Have you ever been hurt by someone in the church? Have you ever been neglected by the church when you are hurting? Many times the hurt is so great from these situations because our expectations are to receive only goodness and blessing from the church community. We expect to receive evil of the world, but we expect the church community to be a place of healing.

The “certain man” of the parable received evil of the world by being robbed and beaten within an inch of his life. And by choosing to pass by and DO NOTHING, the priest and Levite bring more evil upon the man. Their sin of self-justification delayed healing for the “certain man” and thus caused him greater harm. Their sin was a sin of omission, or a DO NOTHING sin. Sins of omission often go unnoticed by us; but not with God. The priest and Levite were just as guilty in harming the “certain man” as the thieves in God’s eyes.

Have you ever been the “certain man”? Have you been hurt and left to fend for yourself? Have you been hurt and left to mend yourself? Chances are you have been hurt in the church community; and chances are also, that you have hurt someone else in the church community, either by direct action or by doing nothing. It is easy to sit back and play the victim. It is much more difficult to recognize and admit fault that we have caused a victim. Our tendency is to dwell on the times that we have been hurt and to marginalize the times that we have hurt others.

Being hurt by others is out of your control, but hurting others is not. Being neglected by others is out of your control, but neglecting others is not. We tend to obsess over the things that we cannot control instead of the things we can control. I encourage you to obsess over molding yourself into the good Samaritan; someone who sacrifices greatly for the benefit of healing others. Our God is a DO SOMETHING God! God forbid we are DO NOTHING people. Go, and do likewise.