We find comfort in familiarity. We find comfort in familiar people, places, situations, etc. We are creatures of habit. Trying new things and meeting new people can be very difficult for creatures of habit. The uncertainty and unknown tends to prevent us from expanding our boundaries of comfort. Sharing our faith can be very intimidating and difficult. Many times we are hesitant to share our faith out of fear of rejection. Other times our love for comfort and convenience distracts us from witnessing of Christ.

This week we were challenged out of Luke 10:1-16 to evaluate our faithfulness in sharing our faith by answering four questions. 1) Who do you partner with in sharing your faith? 2) Are you intentional about sharing your faith? 3) Where is God at work around you? 4) Are you a failure if people do not respond to you sharing your faith?

Please spend a few minutes in prayer and meditation over these four questions.

So, since Sunday have you thought of someone that would be a good partner to help you share your faith? Or, if you are a consistent witness of Christ, have you thought of someone you can help? Have you thought of ways to be more intentional about sharing your faith? Have you evaluated where God is at work around you? And, lastly, have you decided that your faithfulness is the measure of success in sharing your faith, not “conversions”?

If you have struggled sharing your faith until now, chances are that you will continue to struggle unless a change in your life and habits takes place. Changing our habits does not just happen. Changing our habits requires an INTENTIONAL decision to change. I would like to give you 10 ways to INTENTIONALLY begin an open dialogue about Christ with someone who is an unbeliever.

  1. Invite them over for dinner. Nothing says intentional like putting it on the calendar.
  2. Contact (e-mail, call, text) them and tell them you would like to pray for them. Ask for any specific prayer requests.
  3. Invite them to your small group. “Well my small group is…” Just do it!
  4. Tell them something personal about yourself. Break through the surface level conversation.
  5. Tell them about our Youth League! This tells them you are thinking of them and their kids. Then PRAY, PRAY, PRAY they sign their kids up!
  6. Tell your waiter or waitress that you are getting ready to pray for your food. Ask them if they have any prayer requests. Skeptical? You will be surprised how many positive responses you get.
  7. Set time aside to PRAY for your unsaved friends, family, neighbors, co-workers etc. Schedule time to pray with others also for their unsaved friends, family, neighbors, co-workers.
  8. Ask a co-worker to do something after hours or over the weekend. Be intentional about your conversation.
  9. Plan a block party. Get out and meet the neighbors.
  10. Explore an interest/hobby that you have neglected for years. Take an art class. Join a team. Take lessons. Join a club. Meet new people along the way. Begin the relationship(s) with the INTENTIONALITY of Christ.

If there is someone in your life (family member, co-worker, friend etc.) that is not a believer and you would like the Graceway staff to pray for them, please send us an e-mail vis visitgraceway.org/contact-us We will pray for your boldness and wisdom and their need for Jesus Christ. Let us know how it goes!